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Back to School Sale & Giveaway!

In honour of all the hard work parents do for the back to school season, we at Breastfeeding Doulas(TM) are offering our Basic Breastfeeding Doulas(TM) online training for 75% off - that's only $50 for a $200 training! The price listed is our 50% off introductory price ($100). Enter code FALL2023 at checkout for the additional $50 off.

We are also doing a Doula Agency giveaway. If you are a doula agency owner, enter to win FREE access for all your doulas to our Basic Breastfeeding Doulas(TM) online training ($200/pp regular price). To enter 1. create a free account 2. email us via the website with your business name, location and number of doulas in your agency. One winners will be chosen via random name picker on Sept 27, 2023 at 10am.

Basic Breastfeeding Doula(TM) Online Training

  • 12Weeks
  • 16Steps
Everyone who has completed all steps in the program will get a badge.


This online training provides learning to parents and those who support them, both personally and professionally. There are 8 video modules that can be finished at your own pace, within 12 weeks. The training is taught by Carol-Anne Brockington, the Breastfeeding Doula(TM). Carol-Anne teaches extremely effective and easy to use basic breastfeeding techniques, taught to her and used by Dr. Jack Newman. Once compete we will email you a "badge" for use on your website/blog/print. The training includes; feeding cues, mother's position, baby's position, getting a good latch, assessing for a good latch, assessing milk intake by the baby, breast compressions and many more. She saw these techniques resolve 80-90% of the issues she saw at the breastfeeding clinics. They allow caregivers to know when a baby is drinking or just nibbling at anytime during a feeding and how to make adjustments. These techniques are presented in easy to understand ways with everyday analogies to help you understand the concepts. This training is being offered for an amazing introductory price at only $100 (50% off - for a limited time only). "As I have been told by several mentors, and seen for myself working with hundreds of breastfeeding families… you do NOT need to be an IBCLC to provide effective basic support. Doulas are an underutilized workforce that is often already present and accustom to providing holistic support." ~ Carol-Anne Brockington, the Breastfeeding Doula(TM).

You can also join this program via the mobile app. Go to the app





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