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Frequently Asked Questions

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What types of services does a Breastfeeding Doula(TM) provide?

A Breastfeeding Doula(TM) can provide prenatal education in breastfeeding, be present for your baby's birth to help with the first latch, provide the level of breastfeeding support you need - whether a shorter visit or days of intensive support at every feeding, help to quickly resolve a non-latching newborn within 24-48 hours (provided no medical issues) and provide resources to clinics and IBCLCs in your area when medical assistance is needed. As doulas our goal is to support our clients with what they need.

What is the Scope of Practice for a Breastfeeding Doula(TM)?

Just as with other types of doulas, a Breastfeeding Doula(TM) provides in person support and education. They can teach you the necessary techniques to resolve non-medical issues (80-90% of what Carol-Anne saw at the breastfeeding clinics). A Breastfeeding Doula(TM) is not a medical professional and as such cannot offer medical advice. They can help you recognize when the help of a medical caregiver is needed and offer available resources in your area. A non-latching baby is not a medical condition and by using and teaching the techniques we recommend, they are able to assist in resolving this frustrating issue.

As a prospective Breastfeeding Doula(TM) am I able to provide other doula services?

Yes! As long as you follow the guidelines and techniques recommended by Breastfeeding Doulas(TM) and your other services do not interfere with that at all. It is a great addition to your already successful birth and postpartum doula work. For doulas with young children it may be an alternative option to being on-call as a birth doula because you can often schedule your hours and arrange for childcare in advance. Since all Breastfeeding Doulas(TM) receive the same training and use the same simple and basic techniques, clients receive a consistency of information that is vital to achieving success. This is especially important when Breastfeeding Doulas(TM) work together with a client as they can schedule their time off without worry their client isn't getting the effective support they need.

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