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Read what others have to say about basic breastfeeding support training with Carol-Anne Brockington, the Breastfeeding Doula. 

 "Wow! Did I ever learn a lot about cues, latch, how to tell if baby is drinking, breast compressions, and a lot more. Carol-Anne uses a straight forward approach for easy learning. She uses everyday analogies to help to understand and remember the techniques."

~Sande Irwin

 "...she just honestly wants to share it with us doulas so we can spread the awareness and teach moms... I highly recommend taking Carol-Anne's class. I look forward to any other classes she offers in the future... A great resource for a new doula like me for sure!"

~Taylor Muth

 "...I was never taught how to assess or correct my own latch... Carol-Anne taught us how to correct the positioning and even correct the latch WITHOUT removing baby from the breast!... She also talked about breast compressions, how to tell if baby was drinking and many more topics..."

~Amy Nugent Wright

 "Carol-Anne is dedicated to ensuring mothers have knowledgeable support throughout the birth [and breastfeeding] process and she works well with the parents as well as other health care professionals."

~Brenda Eakins Reg.N., I.B.C.L.C., C. Ob.N., C.C.E., Doula

 "I have always been amazed at her ease and ability to communicate with health professionals at all levels. She knows the limitations of her profession, and I have always been comfortable with the clinical decisions she makes within her scope of practice."

~Sylvia Segal RN, BScN, MScN

 "She is enthusiastic and eager to learn while also being informative and willing to teach others. Her supportive and caring nature, make her well suited to being a mentor for other doulas... Her giving nature is evident in the work she does with clients in need."

~Kim Etherington, ICCE, CD(DONA), DONA Approved Trainer

 "Carol-Anne's kind, giving and warm-hearted nature, her desire and willingness to continue to learn and grow along with her commitment and dedication to causes and organizations she believes in are some of the reasons I have found her to be a positive and inspiring role-model."

~Karen Harkness RP-CRA, Doula

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