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Membership (in good standing) is required to complete the certification requirements for Breastfeeding Doulas (TM). Member benefits include access to members only area, discounts on merchandise and a listing on our Find a Breastfeeding Doula page.


Breastfeeding Doulas(™) is founded by sisters Carol-Anne Brockington and Shaughna Crew. We are located in southern Ontario, Canada with full virtual access to our memberships, trainings and certification.


In this day and age when multi-generational households, or even having other family close by, is more and more difficult, Breastfeeding Doulas(™) are there to fill the gap. We are the sisters, cousins, mothers, aunties and grandmothers that are missing in the lives of many families. The traditional knowledge regarding breast/chest feeding that women had throughout history was lost in North America. Breastfeeding Doulas(™) are an underutilized workforce to bring these traditional teachings and techniques back to everyone. That is our goal here at Breastfeeding Doulas™. We seek to return this knowledge into families around the world.


The Breastfeeding Doulas™ name bonds us together, and we seek to expand your knowledge around a variety of topics you will find beneficial to starting, or adding to, your business. Help us build this new doula role into the movement we envision it can be. Make the term Breastfeeding Doula™ known the world over to parents, support people, medical providers, birth and postpartum professionals. Together we can change the world!


We would love to welcome you into our profession and a Breastfeeding Doulas™ membership is a great place to start! There are many benefits to having a membership that will help you obtain the training, services and products you need to create a thriving Breastfeeding Doula™ business, or add onto the related business you already have.

Breastfeeding Doulas(TM) Membership

C$100.00 Regular Price
C$50.00Sale Price
  • Benefits of Breastfeeding Doulas™Membership

    • Be a member of an organization that will help to make breastfeeding support accessible to more people

    • Access to Breastfeeding Doulas™ members only area for collaboration, continuing education, communication and networking 

    • A business listing (once certification is complete) on our "Find a Breastfeeding Doulas™" page

    • Discounts on training videos in a variety of topics that will help your business grow

    • Discounts on Breastfeeding Doulas™ products 

    • Discount on Breastfeeding Doulas™ certification package

    • Access to mentors and networking with other professionals in our members only area

    • Discounts for goods and/or services from other professionals in areas related to your business

    • Advocacy efforts to grow the Breastfeeding Doula™ role within the doula industry and efforts to create effective, efficient breastfeeding support within our scope of practice as doulas

    • Knowing that your membership helps Breastfeeding Doulas™ share this new role and traditional knowledge to help reach more families around the world 

  • If you need to renew an existing membership, please go to “My Account” at the top of the page. Click on “My Subscriptions” to view and renew your membership. 

    Memberships are set to auto-renew after a year. If you would like to opt out of auto-renewal, you can turn it off by visiting My Subscriptions from your Account page. Members cannot change the length of their current active membership/subscription with Breastfeeding Doulas™.

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