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We thank you for your patience as we continue to set up our website and finalize the details of our services. Create a free account and we will email you when new products/services are available.


Our mission here at Breastfeeding Doulas(TM) is to demonstrate how simple breastfeeding can actually be. So you will notice that a lot of our materials and requirements are purposely kept simple and straight forward. We strongly believe you do not need to be an IBCLC to provide effective basic breastfeeding support and that we as doulas are perfectly suited to providing intensive, private support to our clients.


Interested in becoming a certified Breastfeeding Doula(TM)? Our certification process will prepare you for supporting families easily and effectively, all while staying within the doula scope of practice. Unlike other agencies, our basic training is geared towards everyone and we wanted to make it accessible by keeping it affordable for all. Therefore, our certification will be more involved and include proficiency assessments, as opposed to including them in the training. The price for certification reflects this difference.


Once you purchase the certification package you will be given access to the online training again for review and practice. Certification must be completed within a year of purchasing the package, extensions available under certain circumstances (additional fees may apply) so please contact us to discuss.


Certification requires:

- membership in good standing

- complete the Basic Breastfeeding Doula(TM) online training

- complete all required reading (we are working on making as many of these available at low cost/free and online)

- write a 2000 word (4 pages double spaced)  essay on the role of the Doula in providing breastfeeding support - a few of the very best essays will be published on our website with your business info! 

- submit 10 successful client evaluations

- submit 5 successful healthcare provider (IBCLC, RN, Midwife, Doctor) evaluations

- Breastfeeding Doulas(TM) evaluations will be based on all learning required for certification - readings, training etc.

- receive at least 70% on the initial evaluation (included with certification)

- receive at least 80% on the secondary evaluation at 3 months post certification (included)

- receive at least 90% on the third evaluation at 6 months post certification (included)

- receive a 100% on the final evaluation at 1 year post certification (additional fee), and each year after (additional fee)


Once certification is complete your business information will be added to our "Find a Doula" listing - including name, logo, address, phone number and website. You will also be able to use our logo as an independent professional to demonstrate you are certified. Access to our "Certified Doulas" membership area to access additional benefits such as business forms, information handouts, continuing education activities and chat.


*Note: requirements are still in development and may change. Please feel free to contact us with feedback and suggestions to help us improve.

Breastfeeding Doula(TM) Certification

C$400.00 Regular Price
C$200.00Sale Price
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