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Back to School Sale
& Giveaway!

In honour of all the hard work parents do for the back to school season, we at Breastfeeding Doulas(TM) are offering our Basic Breastfeeding Doulas(TM) online training for 75% off - that's only $50 for a $200 training! The price listed is our 50% off introductory price ($100). Enter code FALL2023 at checkout for the additional $50 off.

We are also doing a Doula Agency giveaway. If you are a doula agency owner, enter to win FREE access for all your doulas to our Basic Breastfeeding Doulas(TM) online training ($200/pp regular price). To enter 1. create a free account 2. email us via the website with your business name, location and number of doulas in your agency. One winners will be chosen via random name picker on Sept 27, 2023 at 10am.

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Welcome to Breastfeeding Doulas

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About Us

A Breastfeeding Doula(TM) is a new role in the doula spectrum. We specialize in providing intensive support for non-latching babies and basic breastfeeding support, all while working within the doula scope of practice.


Carol-Anne Brockington, The Breastfeeding Doula(TM) discovered this new role after working with some very persistent breastfeeding clients. She soon realized that she could resolve a non-latching baby situation within 24-48 hours, as long as no medical issues are present (80-90% of the time). In addition to working with non-latching babies, Breastfeeding Doulas(TM) can provide prenatal basic breastfeeding education, help with the first feeding and be available for regular and/or on-call urgent basic breastfeeding support.

Certification training includes, but is not limited to: how to get a good latch, how to know when the baby is drinking; breast compressions; how to recognize when a medical issue may be present and when a medical referral is required. We believe that all of our customers deserve the highest level of service, and we are committed to providing just that.


All of the techniques used by the Breastfeeding Doulas(TM) are the same used by breastfeeding guru and pediatrician Dr. Jack Newman. This ensures consistency of information which allows Breastfeeding Doulas to work together, providing more scheduling and planning options while ensuring minimal confusion/interruption for the families we serve.


These techniques are very easy to learn, teach and use. They are extremely effective traditional methods learned in an environment where to not breastfed often meant severe illness/death for the infant. Dr. Newman learned these techniques not from other medical professionals but from the grandmothers, aunties and sisters who were the ones that provided the teaching and support. Doulas fill these roles in many ways and now we are here to provide the breastfeeding support just as we have traditionally as community members.

Explore the rest of our site to learn more about what we have to offer, and get in touch with any questions. Breastfeeding Doulas is here for you.

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